The Surveyor

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7mm Wide Comfort fit titanium band, with a crosshatch texture, ridged edges, and a hand carved mountain range all the way around. These mountain ranges are entirely made up as I go, meaning no two will ever be the same!

I do have an option for custom mountain ranges available. If you choose the "Custom" option, please leave me the name of the mountain range you would like on your ring. After purchase you can send me photos you feel best represent the mountain you would like to be depicted. I will use them in creating it! Custom mountain ranges involve me converting the photo(s) to a line drawing, and using a cnc marking machine to sketch the layout on the ring. I then hand engrave all the peaks and details.

***We cannot do grass/tree covered mountains such as the smoky mountains or blue ridge mountains, as these do not translate well. The more rocky and mountainous texture the better****


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